GKI’s value system, vision and Privacy Statement

Commitment to: the rule of law, the market economy based on international competition and the freedom of entrepreneurship, European integration based on the harmonization of interests and on solidarity, efficient and democratically controlled government regulation, the reform process serving modernization.

GKI is sensitive to the political feasibility of economic objectives and to its social context.

The objective of GKI is to strengthen the company as an internationally acknowledged, objective research institution. With the unbiased analysis of socio-economic trends GKI is a measure of adjustment for economists, the business sector and the general public.


Privacy Statement

In accordance with legal obligations, GKI Economic Research Co. updated its data management policy for subscribers to its newsletter in May 2018. The current policy is much more detailed than the previous one. However, the main principles have already been fully fulfilled, namely:

  • subscription is only possible on voluntary basis, confirmed by using the e-mail address of the subscriber,
  • subscribers can unsubscribe or modify their data at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter that allows them to change their data or unsubscribe (and delete their data),
  • newsletter subscription information is used by GKI exclusively to send out newsletters, and GKI does not pass it on to anyone else for any purpose.

The detailed privacy statement is available here.