Némethné Pál, Katalin Ph.D.

Personal details:

Name: Katalin NÉMETHNÉ PÁL, PhD
Date of birth: 1956
Present workplace: GKI Economic Research Co.
Present status: Research Manager


2010 Corvinus University of Budapest, PhD
1994 IMEC-SZVT, Allround European Senior Management Training Programme
1991 Graham Bennett and Associates, Corporate finance and capital markets
1990 IFUA Consulting, Controlling as means of successful organization and company management
1984 OVK, Strategic Planning
1975-1979 Budapest University of Economics, Economist, (Industrial Economics)

Professional experience:

1995- GKI Economic Research Co., Research Manager
1993-1995 HUNGALU, Hungarian Aluminum Industrial Co., Director of Controlling
1990-1993 CORVINBANK Industrial Development Bank, Corp Manager for investments and financial advisor
1988-1990 Centre of the Trust for Hungarian Aluminum Industry, Planning Executive
1979-1988 Videoton Development Institute, Executive Economist

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Conference Papers:
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