Petz, Raymund


Managing Director
Speciality: construction sector, real estates, business surveys, modelling

Personal details:

Date of birth: 20.11.1964

Present workplace: GKI Economic Research Company

Present status: managing director



1983-1989: Karl Marx University of Economics – MSc Economics

1990-1992: SZÁMALK Institution of Higher Learning – computer programmer


Professional experience:

1989-1991: Centre of Industrial Informatics – research fellow

1991-1992: Economic Research Institute – research fellow

1992- 2010: GKI Economic Research Company – research manager

2008-2010: Corvinus University of Budapest – lecturer

2011- : GKI Economic Research Company – managing director


Present research fields:

Business cycle analysis, firm behaviour, construction and real estate market


English publications:

EU-harmonized Enterprise Surveys in Hungary, Hungarian Statistical Review, 1997. (special issue)

(co-authors: Papanek, Gábor, Vértes, András)

Two Social Aspects of Business Survey Activity in Hungary: Respondent Behaviour and End-User Needs, Hungarian Statistical Review, 2009. (special issue) (co-author: Munkácsy, Anna)


Some Hungarian publications:

Changes in Economic Structure in Hungary between 1988 and 1991, Ipargazdasági Szemle (Review of Industrial Economics), 1992

Enterprise Preferences and Strategies in the Hungarian Economy, Gazdálkodás (Economy), 1995 (co-author: Zacher, László)

Use of EU Recommendations in Business Cycle Analysis, Gazdaság és statisztika (Economy and Statistics), 1997 (co-author: Papanek, Gábor)

Changes in Enterprise Strategies (1994-1996) Vezetéstudomány (Management Sciences), 1997(co-author: Zacher, László)

Strategies, limits and ambitions in the circle of Hungarian firms, Gazdaság és statisztika, (Economy and Statistics), 1998 (co-author: Zacher, László)

On the Reliability of Hungarian Enterprise Surveys, Statisztikai Szemle (Statistical Survey), 2001 (co-authors: Némethné, P. Katalin, Papanek, Gábor)

Importance of tourism in Hungary,Turizmus Bulettin (Tourism Bulettin), 2005 (co-author: Adler, Judit)

Survey on Food Security in Hungary, Fogyasztóvédelmi Szemle (Consumer Protection Review) 2009 (co-author: Munkácsy, Anna)


CIRET papers:

Enterprise Surveys in Hungary, 1997, Helsinki (co-author: Papanek, Gábor)

Investment Surveys Analysing Innovations in Hungary, 1999, Wellington (co-authors: Hegedűs, Miklós – Papanek, Gábor)

Reliability of the Sample Data from GKI Enterprise Surveys, 2000, Paris (Co-authors: Némenthné, P. Katalin, Papanek, Gábor)

Service Sector Surveys in Hungary, 2000, Paris (co-authors: Adler, Judit – Barta, Judit)

The Comparison of Service Sector Confidence Index with Macroeconomic Indicators, the Common Analysis of Service Sector Confidence Index and the Banking Sector Confidence Index, 2002, Taipei (co-authors: Adler, Judit – Barta, Judit)

Enterprise Surveys and Sectoral Characteristics in Hungary, 2002, Taipei (co-authors: Némethné, P. Katalin – Vanicsek, Maria)

Characteristics of Business Cycle in Some Industrial Branches in Hungary, 2004, Warsaw (co-authors: Némethné, P. Katalin – Vanicsek, Maria)

The Contradiction Between Survey Results in the Service Sectors and Service Sector Situation, 2004, Warsaw, (co-authors: Adler, Judit – Barta, Judit – Kopik, Tamás)

Reliability of Economic Forecasts in Hungary, 2004, Warsaw (co-authors: Papanek, Gábor – Sulok, Zoltán)

What Does Drive Domestic Sales of Hungarian Manufacturing Industry, 2006, Rome, (co-author: Némethné, P. Katalin)

Do end-users really need business and consumer survey results? The Hungarian case, 2008, Santiago (co-author: Munkácsy, Anna)