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Forecast 2014-15

  2014 2015
3.2% 2%
7.5% 5%
15% 0%
Gross earnings
3% 3%
0% 0.5%


GKI-Erste economic sentiment index started the year with a decrease

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GKI-Erste economic confidence index adjusted for seasonal effects decreased noticeably, though from a high level. Both business and consumer expectations declined.

The forecast of GKI for 2015

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With intensifying global economic and political risks as well as Hungary’s deteriorating assessment by international economic participants, trends in 2015 seem to be uncertain. GKI forecasts Hungary’s GDP to grow by 3.2 per cent in 2014 and 2 per cent in 2015.

Exuberant optimism on the residential and office space markets

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The real estate market index referring to Budapest is 109 in October of 2014, which is higher by 3 points than the same value measured in April of 2014. The value of index referring to Hungary is 105.5 in October of 2014, which is higher by almost 3 points than six month ago.

Ten Years of Membership and Crisis Management in the Central and Eastern European Member States of the EU

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Crisis Management in CEE Countries. Seminar by András Vertes at ECFIN on 22nd of May 2014.

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